Saturday, 30 June 2012

It's Only Because

I know I tell you to never leave me all the time, please don't get annoyed...'s only because I'm afraid.
Because everyone I loved and I cared for has left me. 

I Know

I know that I can have horrible mood swings sometimes
I know that I'm hard to be with sometimes
I know that I can be so hard to understand sometimes
I know that I can be needy sometimes
I know that I get so stubborn sometimes

and I'm sorry.


I'm getting used to people leaving me. People leaving me is becoming an everyday thing and I'm slowly starting to feel numb towards long as it's not you who walks out the door.

And The Thought of the Day Is.... =3

Like She's The Only One

When People

When people tell me how stupid I am
and I'm just like -

Just Saying

Cute When Boys...

Then when they do one off these you're just like 

To-Do List =)

Please Don't

It Means...

You're My Miracle

I Miss You, Hon


I still am <3 

Just Somethin' True

Kisses In The Rain

It Happens -shrugs-

Your Smile

Have I ever told you how you have a killa' smile? =) 

All I Need

Cuteness Too Much, Reallay

Like Always =P

Moments I Want With You

I didn't

No, I didn't choose to meet you. I didn't choose to love you. I didn't choose you.
All I did was look
and I am never taking my eyes off you again. 

Don't Want To...

This Is For You

They Say, But Maybe

Stay With Me

Dance With Me ^^

If It Is...Then...

Exactly What I've Been Looking For

Is That?!?



When The Topic of Hot Guys Come In...

 ....Me and Michelle are just like 


When someone you hate wins something: 

When someone you hate gets scolded: 

When you pass a test that everyone failed: 

When he says "I love you": 

I Wonder

I wonder what God was thinking when He created you.
I wonder if He knew everything I needed because ever since I laid eyes on you, every single one of my dreams came true.
When God made you, He must've been thinking 

Harry Styles

Complete BS 

Sunday, 24 June 2012


Okay so I'm banned from using the com. I would probably only be able to touch it during the weekends...or if I have to use the com for activities.
But anyway....
tomorrow will be my First Month Anniversary with my cutie so....yeah. =D
Will give ya'll update on how it goes when I love.

Daydreamer. <3