Thursday, 31 May 2012


Me: I iz bored...
I got nothing to do at home.

Ellie:! XD

Me: Hell no. =P
I WILL study, but on the third week.

Ellie: Suit yourself, weirdo. I'm gonna' start doing work at home...probably.

Me: Whuuuuud?
Why are you studying on a holiday? D=
It's a HOL-I-DAY

Ellie:...and I have nothing to do.
do YOU?
Besides, I can't be this slow.

Me: Well true. =\
Parents are prolly gonna' kill me
but that's alright. ^_^
So...are you gonna' study now or...?

Ellie: Maybe later.
Besides, I love studying..
most of the time. xD
I love my 100s.

Me: Sweet. =D
I only got 100 once...
I love you, Ellie.

Ellie: I <3 you too. =D
haha, sucker. xP

I'm Delicious

Me: There's a zombie attack in Miami.
Not a walking dead though.
It's just really gross...and creepy.

Ellie: o_O
Glad Miami's FAR away from here..

Me: I know, right?
But the scary thing is that it might spread around the the whole world. >=)
But meh... =P

Ellie: um...I have trouble picturing a country full of these..
Not to mention the world..
...I wonder who I'll want to eat it I get it..

Me: Duh! It'll be ME! =D
But then I'LL eat you before you have the chance to get me. =3

Ellie: no thanks. I'll pass. ;)

Me: But I'm delicious.

Ellie: I bet you are. =P

When I...

Oh joy..

Me: Deary, he's my boyfriend.
Michelle: Hahaha! I knew it! Well...congratulations, love, but don't get hurt, alright? Make sure he takes care of you or I'll whup his ass if he makes you cry.

Joy! Thank God! <3

That Explains It

That explains it...He gave me you. <3

Says The Legend

It's A Bit Funny

It's a bit funny to think about how I felt so accepted and loved before, but how rejected and hated I feel now in front you guys.
Ain't that funny?

Do You Remember...

Do you remember that day when I was telling you about him and you said...

"I wonder what it's like to be your place. 
To feel like you're living in a fairytale and getting to experience those kinds of stuff.
You're lucky, Karisse. You're lucky to have him." 

I wish you could tell me that now.
Maybe make me smile when almost everything is making me cry.


Correction: Spending time alone with you.

True, but...

Yeah, but the thing is it's your songs that I listen to so it's like going to sleep with you rapping me lullaby! =D

...about marijuana. O_O

OH No wonder...=_=

So that explains why I'm so sad all the time.
Great. =_=

Will I?

Friends who I can cry on once in a while?
Who I can laugh with 15 minutes straight non-stop?
Who I can share weird jokes with?
Who I can talk about him with?

That's The Problem..I'm Always..

But then they still leave me once I've got them on their feet.
I feel like doormat that people brush their feet on until their clean so that they move on from me.


Taylor said so, therefore your argument is invalid. =3

Going to sleep...

Going to sleep is annoying because going to sleep meant dreaming about you and dreaming about you meant waking up and waking up meant disappointment because you're not here next to me.


Sometimes I cry when I remember you because...
well...I don't know..


Sitting here and like grrr...I miss you. 


Kay, fine.
Next time you're hungry, I'll make you a sandwich. =3

I'm In Love With Chester...Shoot Me

Okay, no offense, but this is the first time D-Trix actually did look hot while he danced. XD

Just click, watch, and love it. =)

In Your Arms

In your arms I'll stay.


I remember singing a duet of this song with my sister on Valentines Day and thinking about you.

Purdy Eyes

He says his eyes are not nice therefore I will post this to make him believe it is. 


Sucks to be away from you.


Adorableness to the extreme. =3

I'm Awesome

Him: I'm awesome, you're blossom.
Me: Baby, that's just so cute!

FAMILY REUNION! Oh wait...I don't get those

You know what sucks about being away from your relatives in Philippines?
What sucks is that I have 3 baby cousins there who doesn't even know that I exist.
The last time I saw my cousins, I was only 9. Damn...I seriously I could see them again. =\

Cause Gurl, I Was Born This Way

Sorry, did I mention how retarded I am?

Remember This Day?

Do you remember what we talked about after this?

You: If something happens, will you leave?
Me: Never, why?
You: Don't ever leave me.
Me: Never

I'm so sorry, Carol. I'll try to make it up to you when we each other on performing arts. I miss you so so much.

I Miss You

Stupid thing won't let me rotate the picture. D= 

Caroline Alvisse

-although I don't talk to you now, I still think about you-

Just in case you forgot...

One of The Main Roles At Performing Arts..?!?

I Care About You, Woman, But Can You...

I get it, he left and it hurts. I know how badly it hurts, but please...don't drag me along to be sad with you.
Don't expect me to wear black and cry along with you.
You know that I love you and that I will be here no matter what, but you're not even trying to be happy.
How am I supposed to help you when you're not even trying?
So for now...please just leave me alone to my happy atmosphere.


They're my friends and I can't, won't, and don't hate them, but sometimes I wish they wouldn't be so judgmental about the fact that I'm with him when they didn't even try to get to know him more or to see him through my set of eyes.
I wish they could see how perfect and angelic he looks like to my eyes.
Now and then I get sad to think that I don't have any girlfriends to talk to about him. No one to hug when I get butterflies in my stomach by just thinking of him, no one there to tease me by saying his name until my cheeks blush bright crimson, no one there to make fun of me when I talk about him...just a bit sad that to this one guy who means my whole to me, but no one is here to share that happiness with me.
But I'm fine with it as long he's still here.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Because EVERYBODY knows that no matter how stupid Homer is, he loves Marge no matter what. <3

Because I'm A Pottermore

Meh... <3

You Met Me..

Yeah and so I dropped everything for you. 

Right Before I Go To Sleep

It's like me going to sleep. =P

The Notebook're like my Noah Calhoun... ^^

I Don't Care

I don't care if my parents are hating on me for talking to you.
I don't care if all my friends leave me because they can't stand me being with you.
I don't care no matter how hard all of this gets as long as I'm still fighting for you.
I don't care about whoever leaves long as it's not you. 

For The Rest Of Mine



I chose you.

Please Don't Give Up On Me..


Hating It...

Because then I smile like an idiot then my family stares at me like they saw Mick Jagger or somethin'.



Nope, Not It's That

I love you, hon. <3

Old Conversations

....and then my mom calls me a retard. =P


It's like every time I close my eyes to bid you goodnight here in this mortal world, I still meet you every night in my dreams where I could be held in your arms one more time.

Dark Secrets

Weirdly true..

Hey, I Baked You A Cake

-You're so beautiful. You're why the word 'perfect' exists- 

This beauty's one of my favorite because I drew it while thinking of you

-I want to tear away your pages of pain in my history-

Just something I drew last time. 


Me: I'm craving for McFlurry..
Him: Haha
I'm craving more for Karissy
Me: Awww!
That's so cute! 


Although I had two ex, both of them never made it to wishing me "Happy Valentine's Day" and I simple think that's just really sad.
Both last year's and this year's Valentine's day was welcomed with a bucket for tears.
Sucks to be me.

Just a random thought.


Meet him and then marry him.


Unfortunately, this cutie doesn't. XD

I Wish You and I Could...

I just wish.. =3

Pretty Heart

Did I mention how awfully perfect his heart is? =3


Yeah...but that cutie broke mine. =(

Teddy Conversations

Justin: Teddy, what's love?
Me: It's the little things that makes you smile, Justin. 
Justin: Do you love me? 
Me: I'll always love my best friend. 

Justin: Teddy, do you miss me? 
Me: Of course I do. 
Justin: I miss you too. 

Justin: Teddy, is he your boyfriend? 
Me: Why? 
Justin: Because I'm scared that you might forget me when you belong to someone else. 

I Love You Too

Me: Dennis Trillo... <3
Him: . .

I love you too.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Pumped Up Kicks

It's those types of songs that makes you sing along and bang your head along with the music.
Enjoy TW. <3

Darling, I Do

They don't see you like I do. <3


You're lucky.
You're lucky you didn't have to wake up in the morning to see your left hand marked with three ugly looking scars that carried nightmares with them.
You're lucky that you didn't have to look at the mirror and see how torn and messed up you look like with these scars sticking its tongue out on you; laughing at you.
You're lucky that you didn't have to hide your hand whenever you're around your family just so that they wouldn't ask questions.
You're lucky that you didn't have to feel like crying whenever you saw these scars.
You're lucky that you didn't have to come up with the lamest excuse when people saw your scars.
You're so lucky that you didn't have a painful reminder of how stupid and weak you are everyday.
You're lucky you didn't have scars like mine. 


Just cute. Sooooo cute..

Missing You

Three weeks...I can't wait to see you, love.

Was Total Crap Until...

Never believed in this.
Always thought it was total bullshit like how could you fall for someone with just one look?
Never believe it it until the day I saw you.
January 18 was the day everything felt as if my whole life was going to be okay.

First Kiss

He gave me the greatest one I've ever had.. <3


I remember sitting out at the balcony whenever it rains.
I remember dreaming of being kissed in the rain. Just hopefully dreaming that it would happen one day.
Just sitting there and dreaming about being kissed in the him.

Because I Still Wake Up Every Morning....

Every single morning...
I miss you, love. <3

Monday, 28 May 2012


I think that one of my escape to feeling sad is just dancing..and I haven't danced for a really long time so I'm guessing that why I've been feeling down lately. Being the rebel of my family, I always had problems with everyone. No one could stand having me around because I was too...different from normal kids. I was the little kid who knew, acted, and looked like a teenager, and for some reason my family hated me for that. Life was hard for me and not everyone was there to stay, but dance was. 

At the age of four, my mom enrolled me to ballet dancing to the dance studio next to my kindergarten and so began the start of my life in dance. 

By the age of nine, I started to get interested with the way Pussycat Dolls dance. So then began the time when I learned bootyshake, chest pop, bellydance, etc. As weird as this sounds, it was my older brother and sister who taught me those. It was the only way I could communicate with them, dance helped me in that way with my family relationship. 

When I was ten, Michael Jackson died and this just wrong, but after that legend died only then did I started loving him. I began learning his way of dancing thus getting me interested into hip-hop. Ever since then I began learning different kinds of moves. My neighbour b-boys and so he taught me a few moves, invited me to dance battles with his friends, which always resulted me to getting in trouble with my family. 

Then I turned eleven, that year...I was depressed with alot of changes. I was switched to a new school and my closest friend left for Australia causing me to be alot more rebellious towards my parents. I sneaked out the house around 3 in the morning and run to my neighbour's place where he would just beg me to go home in fear of my father. I lied to my parents about going to my best friend's house, but then sneaked out later to go out with a guy who was at the age of 23 at that time to go to Times Square. Don't worry, nothing happened. He was just taking care of me, he's my "big bro" since my blood brothers aren't exactly the best. He, too, taught me how to danced; told me about dancing in clubs, b-boys, and all other kinds of dancing so then I began developing in hip-hop dancing. The types of dancing I did at the age of eleven and the people I hung out with caused me to be sort of tomboyish at that time, I don't recall being very feminine at that year at all. 

At the age of twelve, my relationship with dancing decreased. I wasn't at school, I stayed at home, but never gave the time to dance. Busying myself with trying to make my first relationship work, with drawing, with learning guitar, with writing stories, and with crying myself to sleep. It was that messed up until I forgot all about dancing

But I've let myself keep all my emotions all too long. 
It's about time I've let myself go loose again.