Friday, 22 June 2012

Count The Stars

Me: I miss him so much.

Him: I can see that. Pretend that I'm him first then.

Me: Impossible.

Him: How so?

Me: You don't smell the same.

Him: Why? What does he smell like? Playboy perfume?

Me: I don't know. He has that sweet addictive smell, you know?

Him: That's because you're in love with him.

Me: Your lips aren't kissable like his.

Him: And?

Me: Your hands aren't as big and warm like his.

Him: Mhm?

Me: The eyes.

Him: What about it?

Me: His brown eyes that looks like a thousand lanterns floating in the sky or a night sky filled with billions and billions of stars.

Him: How much do you love him? =)

Me: Count the stars.

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