Friday, 22 June 2012

Hanging Out With Someone At 2AM

So I went out to the front porch last night and hung out with my next door neighbour who I haven't talked to for two years straight. It was nice to talk to him again. Sitting next to him with his arm wrapped around me protectively while I lean my head on his shoulder and cry as I talk about all my problems. After that, I laid on his lap and fell asleep for a few minutes since my eyes were painful as hell after crying.
When I woke up, he asked about the good things that were happening in my life so I told him about you. He was glad I had someone to take care of me. We stared up at the stars and talked about our dreams while I leaned my head on his chest. We talked about how it was when my parents cut off the life that he and my family once shared. How many nights it took for the crying to stop, how many nights it took for the pain inside to stop, and hearing about how lost he felt when we disappeared broke my heart. A while later I started thinking about you. You have no idea how much I wish that it was you who held me while I cried last night.

Soon it was 4:50 and we both had to go for my brother would be waking up soon.
Before we went back inside our houses, I smothered his cheeks with kisses then cried while I hugged him. Then he jumped over the wall and he was gone.

3 hours was all I had to hangout with someone I have never talked to for two years. He's known me since I was 7, he's my best friend, we practically grew up together. He was a part of my family until...they misunderstood him. I wish it was the same as last time. When I would go outside after having a bad day and he would be there to cheer me up.

I miss him.

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