Wednesday, 6 June 2012

OMG Whuuuud?

Kuya: I support you all the way. =)

Me: Hahahaha! Thank you, Kuya! I loooooove you.

Kuya: Yeah, sure. Now you love me.

Me: I always have. =3

Kuya: Well...just don't do anything stupid?

Me: Wait...what?

Kuya: You careful. Like..have limits in...stuff. Just make sure it's only making out...

Me: OMG Whuuuud? Please don't tell me that you're giving me the "sex talk"

Kuya: I feel awkward as much as you probably do too. I'm just worried here.

Me: Oh gosh! Heart to heart moment is gone, I'm going to sleep.

-hangs up-

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