Friday, 13 July 2012

Dream Catcher

Dear Dream Catcher,

I dreamed about him last night. I dreamed about being in his arms again where he would hold me close and tight. Where in his arms, I feel so secured from everything else. I dreamed about his kiss, you know, the one that brings me to complete paradise. With just a touch of his lips on mine, the feeling as if I'm flying and like nothing in this world matters because I've got him. I dreamed about his touch. Oh gosh, the way he used have his hands around my waist...the way he and I used to hold hands...the way he'd carry me while we kissed.
I dreamed that it was still the same. I dreamed that I still sneaked upstairs just so that I can spend a few minutes with him. I dreamed that my heart wasn't broken. I dreamed that my heart was still in place because I had his love inside of me. I dreamed that my heart still skipped a beat whenever I look at him instead of it crumbling. I dreamed that I had a smile on my face before I went to sleep instead of tears in my eyes

Dream Catcher, I hope you caught all of these dreams
I hope you caught them and the ones that are soon to come so that one day they may come true.


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