Thursday, 12 July 2012


I can no longer hold you the same way that I used to
Bidding goodbye to those nights when you said "I love you"
I wish I had know that my days with you were counted
Now I'm left in disappointment as I think about those moments that I wasted

On that July 9th, I felt it coming down
I cried by myself trying not to make a sound
So I wrote that last letter and placed it in the heart
With hope that you'd find it on the day that we part

My whole life ended on the tenth of July
When brought us to the room to say our goodbyes
You should understand when I said that my heart sunk
It was like I'm finally sober after being so love drunk

As I sat there crying, you begged me not to
But how I could I when I know that I've lost you
With trembling hands I gave you that heart locket
The one that held that letter in its socket

The moment I got home, I collapsed into agony
Pain was back with its arms open to welcome me
My heart was shattered to millions of pieces
Places when I can't fix it up in bandages

I just wish I could still feel your lips on mine
God, I'd give anything for You to turn back time
When "It's not the same" was my last words to you
I wish I ran back and told you how much I love you

-Karisse Hannah E. Dela Paz

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