Friday, 20 July 2012

I Don't Care

People keep telling me that you're the only guy in this world.
Constantly reminding me that I'll find someone better
But what if I don't want to find someone better than you?
What if all I want is that guy who sits two rows in front of me five days a week? 
What if all I want is that guy? 
What if all I want is you?
I don't care if there's billions and billions of guys out there who will take care of me, who will love me,
who will fight for me, who will be there for me day and night, who will get me gifts, 
who will help my solve my problems, who will hold me in his arms while I cry, who will show me off to his friends, who will introduce me to his parents as his girlfriend, who will ask me to marry him...

...but I don't want all that. 
I don't care about all of that. 
Do you know why? 

Because all I want

End of story.

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