Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Shit That Happens To Me At School

When I see that shiny bald head in the morning: 

When it turns out that you can take test today, but you didn't get to study: 

When you stare at your boyfriend during class: 

When you walk around your god-brother at school: 

When that shiny bald head gives you the look when he sees you're not doing your work: 

When your boyfriend walks into class after being gone for two days:

While you're missing your boyfriend at school, you turn to your friend and be like: 

When you're coughing during class and your throat's itching like crazy: 

When you wanted to talk to your boyfriend, but your siblings won't leave you alone: 

When all they talk about is boy problems and you're just like: 

When your god-brother sees you going down the stairs after meeting up with your boyfriend and he asks "How was it?" and you're just like: 

When you remember the stuff you and your boyfriend did together during lunch: 

When you realize that your lunch is already finished, but you're still hungry: 

When you're reading a K-Pop magazine and Andy keeps disturbing you from behind: 

When you see your sister following you when you want to go meet your boyfriend: 

When you and your god-brother see each other for the first time in the morning: 

Waiting in a queue in front the teacher's table and you just feel like doing: 

When you sit next to your god-brother: 

When they talk about ghost stories and you're just like: 

When you stand up from your chair to score your LIFEPACs: 

When you see that shiny bald head walking around: 

When you're thinking about what you and your boyfriend just did and then someone asks what you're thinking about so you're like: 

When they told you about Emerging Leaders: 

When your siblings piss the shit outta' you: 

When you're laughing with your god-brother and you're just thinking: 

When your god-brother backs you up:

When you see your boyfriend smile and you're just like: 

When you suddenly get hungry during class: 

When you hear your boyfriend's voice: 

When they say the lamest jokes and you stand there with your god-brother like: 

When you can't understand what you're studying: 

When someone sees you during class and you're just like: 

When you have to go home: 

And by the end of the day, you're just like: 

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