Sunday, 29 January 2012

Empty House

I was a vacant house. I was an ruined house that sat as the fifth house of nine houses. All the other eight were always filled with wonder and love when I was alone and empty. No one wanted this house. Broken windows, faded paint, cracked ceilings, stairs with holes, who would want something that has been used and never repaired.
No one wanted me. 
'Til one day, someone happened to be walking by, looking for a place to stay. He saw me. Decided to come inside and take a look around all my sorrows and pain. "I'll help you", said Jacob. So then he came back the next day with tools like "Laughter", "Joy", "Wonder", and "Pure Happiness". I was impressed by his improvement. The living room looked beautiful now. The house was starting to look beautiful once more. He came everyday just as he said. Everyday he brought the same tools, but slowly he got tired.
Tired of seeing the same wounds, tears, and the repetition of heart breaks.
He left me as quickly as the others did.
And like before, I became alone again. 

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