Friday, 1 June 2012

What Makes Me Cry

1- When my parents praises my siblings
2- When I realize that I've been alone most of the time
3- The song "My Happy Ending" by Avril Lavigne
4- The book "If You Could See Me Now"
5- When my phone doesn't ring or vibrate to show me that someone thought about me
6- When people greet me and adds "Where's Kamille?" at the end of their sentence.
7- When I see someone being alone
8- When I sing Kenan a lullaby and realize that he isn't going to stay little forever
9- Knowing that I don't have someone who I can relate to when it came to how I felt inside
10- Just acknowledging the fact that most of my friends hates that I'm with him
11- When every mistake would always be blamed on me
12- When I'm sitting alone outside the house where I used to have so much fun
13- The song "Untitled" by Simple Plan
14- Old pictures of me in CLDR
15- Old pictures of me with the students in Puchong Tabernacle
16- Memories of my best friendship with Branden and Justin
17- When I see my baby pictures and realize how much I ruined my life
18- When I wake up in the morning and the first thing I see is me alone in bed
19- The fact that I haven't seen any of my relatives for 3 years
20- My three baby cousins in Philippines who doesn't even know I exist
21- My four cousin in America who I hope to meet
22- The book and movie "P.S. I Love You"
23- The book "A Walk To Remember"
24- The movie "The Notebook"
25- The movie "Marley & Me"
26- When a slow piano piece is played
27- Watching my mom read a bedtime story to Kenan, knowing she never read to me
28- Remembering how close me, Kamille, and Kyle once was
29- When I see people who I was once really close with
30- Knowing that he's so far away and that it would be another two weeks before I see that cutie

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