Friday, 1 June 2012

What Scares Me

I'm bored so...yeah. I'll rant about whatever that scares me.

1- Small spaces
2- My dad's voice
3- Cockroaches
4- Antique and creepy looking dolls
5- When people scream or talk too loud
6- Blood (but it's weird how I can handle the blood when it's coming from my arm)
7- The mother next door. SERIOUSLY That woman is scary
8- Seeing my mother cry
9- Ceiling fans...although I live in a house filled with ceiling fans, I get scared of them. Horrible memory
10- When I look in the mirror
11- Scars (Although I have 5, I guess that's my reason why I'm scared of them )
12- When I fall in love
13- When I become alone too much
14- Going to sleep
15- Sitting in the dark
16- Turning the music off when it's 2:00-4:00 in the morning
17- When my dad asks me to get him something from upstairs (because if I can't find it, he'll shout at me)
18- When the teacher calls my name
19- When I hear the sound of the door opening downstairs
20- Fear that he might not be here forever

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