Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Closest People I Have Close To Siblings

We've been best friends since I was eight.
Loyal, kind, funny, really sweet, and let's not forget that she's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.
She knows how I move, how I think, and just...everything about me.
Always there to listen, always there to love and to care, and always will be standing there next to me.
Ellie means the whole world to me and if I had to give up my life to save hers, I definitely would.

We've been friends since I was ten and he became my best friend last year.
Sweetest guy you can ever meet, seriously.
Although our friendship went through a rough patch, we made it last. =)
He's really sincere and sensitive which I find really cute for a guy.
Has the most wonderful smile that I wish he always wore on his face.

I met her on Facebook when I was eleven and she was the type of girl that you meet and feel comfortable with right away.
Really weird, cutest American accent, and not to mention really really beautiful.
She's always there to listen to any problems that I have and she has the most greatest advice ever.
Lovable in all sorts of ways...ain't that why we're close friends?

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