Thursday, 31 May 2012

I'm Delicious

Me: There's a zombie attack in Miami.
Not a walking dead though.
It's just really gross...and creepy.

Ellie: o_O
Glad Miami's FAR away from here..

Me: I know, right?
But the scary thing is that it might spread around the the whole world. >=)
But meh... =P

Ellie: um...I have trouble picturing a country full of these..
Not to mention the world..
...I wonder who I'll want to eat it I get it..

Me: Duh! It'll be ME! =D
But then I'LL eat you before you have the chance to get me. =3

Ellie: no thanks. I'll pass. ;)

Me: But I'm delicious.

Ellie: I bet you are. =P

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