Thursday, 31 May 2012


Me: I iz bored...
I got nothing to do at home.

Ellie:! XD

Me: Hell no. =P
I WILL study, but on the third week.

Ellie: Suit yourself, weirdo. I'm gonna' start doing work at home...probably.

Me: Whuuuuud?
Why are you studying on a holiday? D=
It's a HOL-I-DAY

Ellie:...and I have nothing to do.
do YOU?
Besides, I can't be this slow.

Me: Well true. =\
Parents are prolly gonna' kill me
but that's alright. ^_^
So...are you gonna' study now or...?

Ellie: Maybe later.
Besides, I love studying..
most of the time. xD
I love my 100s.

Me: Sweet. =D
I only got 100 once...
I love you, Ellie.

Ellie: I <3 you too. =D
haha, sucker. xP

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